Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
digital marketing agency Adelaide

Having an outdated website not only makes you look unprofessional but it can also hurt your search engine optimization (SEO) and lead generation efforts. If you’re wondering if it’s time to upgrade your website design, check out these four signs that you need a new website from a digital marketing agency Adelaide.

1) Visitors aren’t sticking around

According to KISSmetrics, 38% of website visitors don’t return after viewing just one page. If your website is leaving people with a bad taste in their mouth, they aren’t likely to return—and they aren’t likely to recommend your brand to others. An amazing digital marketing agency can increase your site’s conversion rate and make sure that you’re getting as many qualified leads as possible. While great design is essential, it’s important not to overlook UX and CRO when redesigning your site. They are equally critical components of any redesign campaign. It’s better to have an ugly or confusing website than one that doesn’t effectively communicate what you do and why you’re better than competitors.

digital marketing agency Adelaide2) Are you annoyed by your own site?

If you find yourself growling at your site, you probably need help from an outside party. The best digital marketing agencies will work with you to identify your objectives for your site and then design and develop it with those goals in mind. A digital marketing agency Adelaide’s job is to take what comes out of that process—great or not so great—and help you make it better through SEO services and other digital marketing strategies. It’s easy to put off that sort of thing until tomorrow. But when things get hard and time-consuming, stop putting them off. Hire an expert to handle that part of your business so you can focus on improving other areas.

3) Is your content falling flat?

How does your content measure up against your competition? Is it easily found online? Are you making use of SEO best practices and keywords? Have you asked your audience what they’d like to see in future posts or on your site in general? Re-evaluate your content strategy with these things in mind. It may be time for a website redesign. If so, contact us today! We can help.

4) Expectations are not being met

When customers have contact with your company, they are going to have an expectation of what your website will provide. If those expectations aren’t met by your current website design, it could be costing you lost business or leads. Remember that people are looking for certain things when they visit a web page, so make sure you address them. Is it clear where they can find information about pricing? Is their location mentioned, so it’s easy to tell if you offer service in their area? Are there images of happy customers and detailed case studies to back up claims about quality work? Redesigning your site is an opportunity to assess these details and make sure that any customer who visits will find what they need in order to understand how working with you will benefit them.