Thu. May 30th, 2024
Tattoo Melbourne

Going to get a tattoo? Cool! But, there are a few things your tattoo artist Melbourne wishes you could know. We have listed all their thoughts right below.

So let’s read ahead!

They can’t read your mind

Be specific about what you want. Don’t share thousands of ideas and keep on changing your design. This will annoy the artist.

Also, you can’t expect them to read your mind. You have to give them a visual representation of what you want. The best way to do it is to start researching tattoo designs and shortlist some.

Be ready to spend money

Art doesn’t come cheap and tattoo, well it’s the toughest canvas. So, one should be ready to spend money on this amazing art that will stay with you lifelong. Asking the tattooist for lowering their charges could hurt them so be nice when it comes to paying. Even before you visit the artist, make your mind that it’s going to take time and money if you want a fine tattoo.

Tattoo MelbourneSmall Tattoos aren’t Inexpensive

Some people have this misconception that only big tattoos are expensive. Some small tattoos may cost you the same as that of the big ones. Even if you are getting a small infinity tattoo, it involves preparation, sterilizing, set-up, and supplies, which is the same for the big tattoos as well. And above everything, you are getting what you want, so respect the tattooist’s skills, creativity, and time.

Don’t ask them to copy a custom design

This is the quickest way to get declined for a tattoo. Don’t insist on your tattooist to copy the design of other artists. You can share their ideas with them but can’t tell them to copy the same design that you saw online. Each tattooist has unique creativity, share your ideas with them and they will come up with something new and attractive.

Eat before the appointment

If you have thought about getting a huge tattoo, have your meal before stepping inside the tattoo store. Take a heavy meal and stay hydrated as getting a tattoo is a long process. Don’t forget to take a tour of the bathroom so that nothing bothers you during the process. Time is money for your tattoo artists so make sure you take everything necessary on your way to the appointment.

It’s going to Hurt

The tattoo is going to include, needles, blood, and yes, pain. If you have low pain tolerance capacity, speak with the professional tattoo artist and see what are other possible choices. Look, getting a tattoo involves a lot of pain it’s just some people feel less pain and other more. So before you even visit a tattoo artist, figure out your pain tolerance power, especially when you are going for a large piece of work. Screaming, crying, and physical flinching can affect your tattoo, so, avoid doing all these. Take a break when it gets out of your limit to bear the pain but don’t do anything that distracts the tattoo artist.

Now you are ready to get a Tattoo Melbourne!