Mon. May 20th, 2024
Kids Party Entertainment Melbourne

Hiring Kid’s Party Entertainment Melbourne professional is a magical and exceptional experience. Unfortunately, booking one could be a bit exasperating. Especially, when doing it for the first time! You would want the right entertainer for your kids & their friends as well as the value for your money.

We are here to help you out through this with a few simple yet crucial tips.

What are these tips? Let’s explore together!

1. Who is your Audience?

Basically, there are two types of audiences in kid’s party: kids and family. Each type demands a different type of entertainment. Wondering how?

Well, in kid’s activity or show, parents are welcome but the focus is on kids. On most of the entertainer’s website, the age group (such as 5-8) is mentioned. You can simply choose the relatable group so that the most suitable entertainer reaches your party.

A family show is for everyone including the mixed age group. So the choice of entertainer differs eventually.

2. How well the Venue fits the Entertainers?

The venue plays a key role. Those who have a small house may require booking another spacious venue; others might entertain their little ones in the backyard. But, before you decide the venue, consider the following factors:

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  • Noise

Will the entertainer be the only one performing or will there be other activities as well? Is the performance area too loud? Answers to these questions are imperative to find out, but the same isn’t too much of a concern if you are organizing a party at your home.

  • Space

The different entertainer has different space demand. For say, a costume or theme entertainer wouldn’t require that much of the space as that of a magician.

  • Distraction

Ensure that the kids face no distractions such as noise, mirrors, or TV during the performance of your kids’ party entertainment professional. Find a way to eliminate such types of distractions.   

3. Everything Included in the Fee

We understand that you want every kid to have the time of their lives; after all, these are the moments they will always cherish later. But, understanding everything included in the fee has no harm.

  • Just ask a few basic questions:
  • What would be the show format?
  • At what time the entertainer will be there?
  • What would be the expected duration of the show?
  • Will they charge per kid or for the entire show?

Also, understanding what isn’t included in the fee is important too.

4. What is the Expected Availability? 

Once you have successfully followed the above three steps, it’s time to check the performer’s availability. Start early! An entertainer’s calendar fills faster than your coffee mug. In case, the entertainer is booked, ask them for another agency.

5. Contract or Agreement

After booking your entertainer, make sure to get an official contract or agreement that contains all the details. This also includes what will happen in the unforeseen scenario.

6. Don’t forget to keep a back-up 

There’s one thumb rule for a successful kids party – always have a backup. All you have to do is ask the entertainment agency whether or not they offer backup in the worst-case scenarios.

So, you are all set for the party?

In a Nutshell    

These tips are useful regardless of where and how you are booking an entertainer. However, there are abundant agencies of Kids Party Entertainment Melbourne. Just follow these tips and see the eyes sparkling with the happiness of your little angel.