Thu. May 30th, 2024
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According to the survey, 0.1 million tons of solid waste is generated in India per day, so you can clearly imagine how huge the amount of waste will be generating every year. Nowadays increase in commercial and residential projects has made a huge rise in industrial waste.  It’s very important to recycle waste using the proper method. Many standard industries follow best waste collection Melbourne practices to reduce biological imbalance and harm to animals.

The waste that is generated if not disposed of properly then it gets buried in the soil and harmful industries waste goes deeper into the ground surface hence, it affects the plants and water after a long time. Industrial waste like plastic and heavy chemical takes hundreds of years to get completely decomposed so, it’s very important to follow the best waste management Melbourne methods for a safer future.

waste management MelbourneEco-friendly waste management practices:

1 Say NO to plastic bags:

Switch to paper bags for shopping and daily routine works instead of plastic bags. Make a habit to use a paper bag for every possible use such as food delivery, shopping bag and many more. You can also use handmade cloth bags for your outings and shopping.

2 Prefer buying recyclable items:

You can’t control industrial necessities but you can choose what you want to buy, always prefer the items which are easy to recycle and environment friendly. Prefer buying glass, paper and aluminium materials and strictly no to plastic made products.

3 Start composting:

You can start composting your home items waste in your backyard or garden. A daily item such as fruits, vegetables, eggshells, tea leaves and many more can be composted in your garden within 12 months. Decomposed items can be converted into fertilisers and used in farms if you have your own farm.

4 Go paperless:

Switch to digital methods like accepting digital bills, email and subscriptions can save a lot of papers. They are safer and can be stored in your system or phone so you can easily access them whenever you need them without the fear of losing them.

5 Start recycling:

Reuse the things in DIY and make the best out of waste for your home decors and art projects. If you have a garden in your home then you can use your creativity to decorate your gardens and backyards according to your needs.

6 Shop for second-hand products:

Buying second-hand items which is in good condition can save you a lot of money. The products like furniture, vehicles and many more can be reused and it will few save trees from cutting that furniture industry do.

Bottom line: there are many eco-friendly practice and camps carried out across the globe such as public green and red bins for dry and wet waste. Practising safe and eco-friendly waste management is ultimately going to help us and our mother earth so, try to follow an eco-friendly lifestyle as much as you can and follow the best waste management Melbourne methods.