Sat. May 18th, 2024
wet bags nz

You’ve heard of dry bags, but what about wet bags? A wet bag is a type of bag used to store soiled clothes, baby wipes and other items that are likely to get wet.

They’re great for protecting your belongings from leaks and spills during travel or even just around the house! In this article we’ll be exploring all things online wet bags in NZ including what they are, how to use them and why you should consider buying one yourself.

What is a wet bag?

A wet bag is a waterproof bag used to store wet or soiled clothes. It’s great for storing dirty diapers, cloth menstrual pads, breast milk and other things you don’t want sitting around in your home.

Wet bags come in many sizes and colors so you can find one that matches your style or personality. Some have zippers while others are just a drawstring closure; some are square while others are rectangular. You can purchase them online or make them yourself!

How to use a wet bag.

A wet bag is a reusable, waterproof bag that can be used to store dirty diapers, breast pump parts and other items that you don’t want to get wet. You can also use them for storing soiled clothes or wet clothes.

wet bags nzWet bag benefits.

Wet bags are a convenient way to keep your items dry and clean. They can be used for more than just wet clothing, so don’t feel like you have to stick with one purpose.
Here are some of the many benefits of using a wet bag:

If you’re out and about with an infant or toddler in tow, it’s likely that they’ll get messy at some point during the day (and usually more than once). This can mean having to change their clothes several times throughout the day or even into night wear if they’ve decided that afternoon nap time is overrated!

A wet bag will help keep their clothes separate from other things in your bag so that nothing gets ruined by leaking juices or spills from sippy cups. It also makes it easier when going through airport security checks because there’s no need for anyone else besides yourself knowing what kind of messes may lurk within those bags underfoot…or underseat!

How to clean a wet bag.

To clean your wet bag, you’ll want to wash it in cold water and then air dry. If you have a top-loading machine, this is easy–just toss it in with the rest of your laundry! If not, try hanging it up on a drying rack or towel bar so that it can drip-dry (the same way you would hang up clothes after washing).

If there’s any odor left behind after washing and drying your wet bag, try adding some vinegar into the wash cycle next time around–it should get rid of any lingering smells without harming any fabrics or materials in the process.


Wet bags are a great way to keep your baby’s clothes clean, but they can also be used for other things. You can use them as diaper bags or grocery bags, and even take them on trips! Wet bags NZ are extremely versatile and come in many different sizes so that you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.