Mon. May 20th, 2024
decluttering for seniors

Every day, seniors and people of all ages are confronted with the question: What do I need to keep and what should I get rid of? Whether they’re trying to downsize their homes or just simplify their lives, decluttering for seniors can be a liberating experience. If you’re ready for some organization tips for seniors, read on!

Declutter closets and dressers

Decluttering your closets and dressers will help to make them more functional, and it’s also a great way to reduce the clutter in your home. Start by looking at all of the clothes you have hanging up in these areas, as well as shoes and accessories.

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If something hasn’t been worn recently or at all, toss it! This includes old clothing (even if it still fits), unwanted gifts from friends or family members (if they’re not going to wear them), or even just items that don’t fit anymore but aren’t worth returning because they’ve already been worn once or twice.

Next up: deciding which items should stay on hangers versus go into storage containers–and where those containers should go! While some seniors prefer storing their seasonal clothing in bins under beds during non-peak seasons so that they can easily access them when needed (like warm winter sweaters during cold months), others prefer keeping everything out where it’s easy for family members who visit regularly.

decluttering for seniors

Sell or donate items you no longer use

If you no longer use an item and don’t have any sentimental attachment to it, donate it or sell it. You can donate items to charity if they are still in good condition. If your items are in poor condition and won’t fetch much money at a garage sale, consider selling them online instead of putting them in storage.

You can also try selling some of your stuff if you want quick cash for something specific–but don’t expect a lot from these sites. They’re great for getting rid of things that aren’t worth much but might be worth something to someone else (like old video games). If there’s something specific that you need or want right now rather than waiting for someone else’s garage sale, this could be a good option for making some money off of clutter around your house!

Go through your medicine cabinet and toss expired meds

If you have a medicine cabinet, go through it and toss the expired medications. It’s important to check the expiration date on each pill or bottle before discarding it.

  • Don’t take expired meds–you don’t want to risk taking an ineffective medication and then getting sicker because of it!
  • Don’t give expired meds to others–this could also be dangerous for them if they need those particular medications in order for them to work properly.
  • Don’t flush expired meds down the toilet; instead, throw them away in an appropriate container (such as an empty paper towel roll). Some people choose not even take them out of their original containers until after throwing them away because sometimes those containers can still hold some residual power from whatever was inside before being thrown out completely. In general terms: stay away from all things toxic when possible!


If you’re looking for tips on how decluttering for seniors and organize your home, we hope we’ve given you some ideas. Remember, there’s no one right way to do things–it all depends on your personal preferences. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with whatever method works best for you!