Fri. May 17th, 2024
End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Confused between DIY or professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne? You are not alone. Many people face this before shifting to a new home. Not anymore! We are here to help you with the deep difference between DIY and professional cleaning. 

Which one is the best for you, let’s find out below!   

DIY Cleaning 

This procedure requires a lot of hard work and time. Just keep in mind that you can’t just clean only a few parts of the house; in fact, you have to clean every single corner of the house so that the next tenant can shift immediately. In simple words, you have to leave the home as you get it on the time of shifting. 

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Apart from basic cleaning that includes carpet cleaning, you might have to clean many other things. 

These things include:

  • Make a checklist of the activities you need to do and places you need to clean
  • Place a time limit to spend on a specific area so that you can utilize your time wisely 
  • Create a master plan for cleaning the rooms and avoid sticking to one area for hours
  • Move things in advance before starting cleaning as it makes the cleaning process easier 
  • If it’s possible to get help, do it. Ask your neighbours, friends, or family members to help you with cleaning your home.  

Doing cleaning yourself isn’t just time taking but full of risks such as you can fall-down from a staircase or you can hurt yourself when cleaning the ceiling. Moreover, you might not know the right way to clean the stubborn stains that have been hiding under your furniture all those years. There could be chances that you have been doing everything to remove a specific stain for hours but nothing is working. 

You might save money via DIY cleaning method but might not clean the house as much as professionals can do it. 

Professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne

Undoubtedly, professionals are trained and have experience handling various types of cleaning projects. The entire home is cleaned in a few hours without you moving a muscle. However, you have to pay the charges but it ensures that you have got the cleaning done by the experts and there are high chances of you getting complete bond back. Out there, you can find various licensed bond back cleaners who consider every crucial aspect for making your home clean and providing your entire bond money. Also, the certified professionals ensure that you move to your next home peacefully without getting in any trouble by the landlord for any part being dirty. You can also ask the professionals if they provide maintenance services as well so that you can replace any damage. 

End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

The Verdict 

It’s not easy to rely on the home remedies for removing certain stains or marks on the floor, walls, or curtains. You need professional help for your end of lease cleaning Melbourne. But you should hire only the licensed and experienced cleaners who know how to do their job accurately.