Sat. May 18th, 2024
Melbourne Snowboards

Willing to start snowboarding this lockdown? You might be excited to learn snowboarding by looking at others who do it smoothly. But at the same time, it might be daunting if you are a beginner. It’s obvious that if you are doing snowboarding for the first time, you will fall or little bit injured but it’s okay, all you need is confidence and passion to learn snowboarding. Snowboarding can be your favourite sport when you learn to do it and it’s damn sure, you are going to enjoy it heavenly. Before beginning, prepare yourself for the adventure and get yourself comfortable boots and comfortable clothes. There are wide varieties of Melbourne Snowboards available online. You can research and get a suitable snowboard for beginners.

Here are some snow-boarding tips that can help you to learn fast:

1) Firstly, learn to skate well.

If you know how to skate properly then it will make your snowboarding journey easier because skating and snowboarding are much similar. As a beginner, you first need to start with the flat surface but slowly you have to start moving towards the hill and slopes to get comfortable on the slopes.

2) Practice skating lessons.

You can practice snowboarding lessons that teach effective techniques and movements of snowboarding. Hiring an instructor for the beginner lesson can be a good idea to learn snowboarding from the basics.

Melbourne Snowboards

3) Bend your knees.

The most common reason for beginners falling is because of not bending knees properly. if you are falling then you must need to improve your bending.

4) Practice across the slopes.

Practice on slopes but with slow and moderate speed. The most important thing is to the ability to control the speed.  You need to maintain your speed on the slope areas because it automatically increases the speed on the sloppy areas.

5) Look where you want to go while riding.

It’s like you will naturally drive the snowboard where you look. For this, it’s important to learn proper body movements because snowboard is navigated with the help of body movement.

6) Avoid trying on bunny slopes.

As beginners, it is not advised to try on the bunny slopes because it can have a negative effect and may bring your confidence level down.

7) Maintain appropriate gear and speed.

Snowboard is all about not so speedy, not so fast. In short, you have to maintain a consistent speed while you ride. You will learn speed controlling with practice.

8) Make sure to have comfortable and perfect fitted boots.

Get yourself perfect boots for efficient foot movement. Use measurement taps to get accurate boots.

Wrapping-up: If you have made up your mind to learn snowboarding then you can also consult a snowboard instructor for the beginner lessons. You can also learn snowboarding from your friends by practicing together. Practicing with friends will boost your confidence and make your learning journey enjoyable and memorable.  You can ask for the suggestion for the best snowboard from the experts or any of friends. Although, you can easily find snowboards from any of the nearby Melbourne Snowboards stores.

Hope the above tips help you to make your snowboard journey smooth. Feel free to comment in the comment section.