Wed. May 22nd, 2024
Fire rated cladding

Finding quality cladding for your chimney and fireplace can be a difficult task these days – there aren’t many companies offering fireplace and chimney construction, so what do you do if you are looking to get a new style of cladding? Luckily, ‘Fire Rated Cladding ‘will have you covered!

What is fire-rated cladding?

Fire rated cladding is a feature built into the sides of an external wall of a building. It is designed to resist extreme heat for up to 60 minutes in case of a fire. Consisting of layers consisting of an insulating, fire-resistant material, it is commonly found on residences and buildings with large windows. The insulating material prevents heat from getting in or out.

How does fire-rated cladding work?

Fire rated claddingFire-rated cladding is designed to extinguish the fire and all its effects without sustaining severe damage. It is created using materials that create an insulating, fireproof barrier between the inside and outside. The materials are applied together to function as one single explosive resistant unit.

Fire-rated cladding and building design

Fire-rated cladding is a thin layer typically made of vinyl wood or aluminum. The coating acts as fireproof material between the facade of the building and the building’s ceiling that can potentially prevent a fire from spreading from one floor to another. Instead of popping cladding off the front and into the building’s interior, it’s essentially a barrier that wicks up fire to where it’s contained.

Benefits of a fire-rated cladding

Fire-rated cladding is a protection mechanism used to prevent instances where the building gets damaged due to a fire, leading to further damage. The use of cladding can also be related to sections or the entire exterior of a building, depending on its danger rating level.

A fire-rated cladding helps to stop a fire from spreading. It does this by blocking the heat produced from the fire so that it cannot reach walls or ceilings nearby. The costs for fire-rated cladding are tied to the materials used in manufacturing.

Which properties are suitable for fire-rated cladding?

The fire-rated cladding is the exterior panel that covers up the roof and walls of a house. It will help to prevent the fire from spreading by stopping heat from a fire from penetrating the covered part. Some materials, including wood or paper-faced gypsum board, will burn quicker than others. A cladding would be appropriate for an area that needs protection against spreading fires. For example, you may need cladding for your chimney or anything else near your home.


If a fire happens, the building will not be destroyed by the fire. Fire-rated cladding is a different surface type with features that make it smoke resistant. It is typically made of steel and goes over its roof or walls. This cladding reduces heat transfer while stopping the spread of toxic fumes and smoke. Hence it’s worth it to install !