Mon. May 20th, 2024
first aid course brisbane

Accidents can happen anywhere or anytime. It can be us, our known ones, or complete strangers. But when an accident happens, it is our responsibility to help the injured person and before the ambulance arrives. For that, we need to have knowledge about first aid. But now, it is easy to gain knowledge Through the first Aid Course Brisbane online or offline.

Five Easy Rules

  1. Stay calm. Check whether your surroundings are safe. Don’t put the injured person at risk
  2. Reassure the injured person. If the person is severely injured and under shock, keep him warm. Stay with the injured person, keep him comfortable, and don’t move him if you suspect an injury to the back or neck. Call for medical help.
  3. Tell the medical experts as much information about the accident and symptoms as you know. Also, if you know about any allergies or blood group or any medical condition of the person.
  4. Wash your hands before you apply first aid and wear medical gloves to prevent infections. Clean the wounds carefully, wiping away dirt. Use a clean cotton cloth with a disinfectant and cold water, then pat the area dry before applying a dressing. Do not remove any attached objects from the injured person, leave that to medical staff.
  5. Keep your first aid supplies up to date and check expiries.


In the Remote first aid Course, you can also learn about CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)

CPR is an emergency procedure to be used when someone suffers from a Sudden cardiac arrest(SCA) which involves pressing up and down on a victim’s chest and giving the person a series of rescue breaths to help save his life.

It should only be performed when a person shows no signs of life or when they are unconscious, unresponsive or not breathing or not breathing normally.

CPR doesn’t need years of medical training to learn.  You can also learn from online resources, including videos, attending a class gives you the opportunity to ask questions and be confident about your technique before you use it on anyone. We think, Learning the technique once is all that’s needed but professions require them to be certified in CPR Brisbane so a class is necessary to ensure you have the proper paperwork to confirm your certification.

first aid course brisbaneFew Tips for a change

Ensure the area you are in is safe and danger free. You must call for help. After you have called the emergency services, it’s time to start giving CPR. This will help the heart pump blood to the brain and other organs. Place the heel of your hand on the center of the person’s chest and keep a steady rate for 30 compressions. Tilt the victim’s head back and pull the chin using two fingers.

Carry on with the cycle of delivering two rescue breaths for every 30 compressions until emergency help has arrived.

It’s About Keeping Chance Alive

It’s always worth preparing yourself for the worst. If a family member, friend, or passer-by suffers from a Sudden Cardiac arrest(SCA), having the right training will mean that you’re confident enough to control the situation, ensure the right action is taken, and be hopeful to save a life.  Remote First Aid Course will help you with that.