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How Does White Rum Differ Dark Rum

Rum is rum and that’s that, right? Not exactly. In fact, there are two main types of rum: white and dark. These two different types of rum share many similarities but also have some key differences that you should be aware of before ordering them at a bar or visiting Best Bottle Shop St Kilda East. So what is the difference between white and dark rum? Let’s break it down!


While both types of rum are distilled from molasses, the distinct characteristics of dark and white rum come from where they’re aged. Dark rums are aged in oak barrels for a period of 2 to 5 years, which gives them their darker colour and smooth taste. 

White rums do not get this treatment, so they retain their golden hue. This also has an effect on how each type of rum tastes—dark rums tend to have more body than white rums because of the aging process. Check for the appearance of rum whenever you visit Bottle Shop St Kilda East.

In addition, since the aging process is different for dark rum than it is for white rum, one might expect their flavours would differ as well; however, there isn’t much consensus when it comes to describing these differences!

White Rum Vs Dark Rum


The difference in taste between white and dark rum is due to the aging process. As a general rule, dark rum has more flavour and sweetness than its light counterpart. This is because it has spent more time in the barrel, giving it ample opportunity to pick up both flavour from the wood of its cask and colour from its caramelised sugars.

White rum tends to be lighter, drier and less sweet because it’s not aged as long as its darker counterpart. Some white rums are aged for a few years before bottling so they can still have some flavour but this isn’t common practice in most distilleries that produce white rums.


White rum is distilled twice, while dark rum is distilled three or more times. This results in white rum having a lighter flavour and darker colour, whereas dark rums have a heavier flavour. Because of this difference in processing, white rums are aged for shorter periods of time than their dark counterparts.

Flavour Development

Aged rums are the most common type of rum, and can be identified by their golden colour. These rums are aged for a period of time in barrels – usually between 3 to 8 years. During this process, the rum picks up flavours from the barrel and any contact with wood, which is then transferred into your glass when you drink it. 

The longer an aged rum spends in a barrel (up to 25 years) means more flavour development will have taken place during that time! We think it’s worth taking time out for some ageing – especially for those who like their drinks dark and smooth as opposed to sweet or fizzy…

White Rum

White rums are lighter in colour than aged varieties because they spend less time maturing on oak casks or other types of wooden vessels (usually just 1 year). This allows them to retain less sugar content than darker varieties, so they taste drier on your lips. 

You may also notice some subtle flavours such as vanilla, caramel or coconut coming through depending on how long they were left resting inside their container before being bottled up again ready for sale at retailers worldwide like Bottle Shop St Kilda East!

White VS Dark Rum – The Final Word

As you can see, white rum is distilled from sugar cane juice, while dark rum is distilled from molasses. White rums are lighter and smoother than their darker counterparts, with a flavour profile that’s more akin to brandy or whiskey. 

Dark rums have a heavier flavour profile and can be used in mixed drinks where you want to add more depth than what’s offered by lighter-flavoured white rums.

White rums tend to be aged for less time than dark rums; some high-quality white rums don’t even need aging at all! 


If you’re just getting into rum, or want an interesting twist on your favourite tipple, then dark rum is the way to go. If you’re looking for a more refined taste that goes well with mixers and won’t overpower them, then stick with white rum. Whatever your preference may be, there are plenty of delicious rums available at Bottle Shop St Kilda East to satisfy everyone!