Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
Coffee Beans Melbourne

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It’s tasty, energizing and can even have health benefits. It’s also extremely easy to make at home — you just need to know how to get fresh beans! 

Whether you’re a caffeine addict or simply enjoy drinking coffee on occasion, it’s important to know how to purchase high-quality Coffee Beans Melbourne that will produce a delicious cup with minimal effort. I’ve put together some tips for buying fresh coffee beans so you can make sure your next batch is as delicious as possible:

Buy high-quality beans

When it comes to coffee beans, the fresher the better. The flavor and aroma of fresh coffee beans are far superior to those that have been sitting on a store shelf for weeks or months.

So how do you know if your beans are still fresh? Look for a “best by” date stamped on the packaging. If no expiration date is listed, check out other clues: Does it come in resealable bags? Is there any dust or debris on top of them? 

Do they smell like coffee when you open up the package–or more like cardboard? And finally, take a look at their color; ideally they should be dark brown (not black) with flecks of lighter brown throughout–this indicates good roasting practices along with careful storage after roasting occurred.

Coffee BeansCheck the expiration date

There is nothing worse than buying coffee beans and then discovering they have expired. You’ll end up with a stale, bitter brew that won’t be worth drinking. Make sure you check the date on the package before purchasing. If it has passed its expiration date, don’t buy it!

Buy from a reputable source

When you’re buying your coffee beans, it’s important to look for a reputable source. The best way to do this is by looking at the store itself. Does the store sell in small quantities? Are they locally roasted beans? Do they have a wide selection of beans and roasts? Can you trust them with your business?

These are all questions that should be answered before purchasing coffee from any location. If you don’t feel comfortable answering yes to all of these questions, then perhaps it would be better for you to shop elsewhere until a better option comes along!

Buy beans in small batches

If you’re going to buy beans in bulk, the best way to ensure their freshness is by purchasing small batches and roasting them yourself. Coffee Beans Melbourne should be roasted within a week of purchase, and then stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. This will help keep your coffee beans from becoming stale or losing their flavor over time.

Avoid storing coffee near heat sources like ovens or radiators–the high temperatures these things produce can negatively impact the quality of your coffee! And while we’re on this subject: don’t leave your coffee out on the countertop either; light exposure may cause some varieties’ flavors to change over time too (and not for the better).


If you want to buy fresh coffee beans, the most important thing is to make sure that they are high-quality. You can do this by checking the expiration date and looking at where they were grown. If possible, buy from a source with a reputation for selling good beans (like us!). 

Also keep in mind that buying small batches of beans rather than large ones will help them stay fresher longer because they won’t sit around too long before being used up by consumers like yourself!