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Bathing aids are extremely useful for the physically challenged and the elderly. Many of the bathing aids on the market, such as folding shower chairs and shower seats are very important. There are several types of shower seats on the market. However, you need to choose the right type to ensure it works. Let’s take a closer look at the various factors that need to be considered when choosing the right bathing aid.

Load capacity

Load capacity plays a decisive role in choosing the right variant. The model you choose needs to be strong enough to support your weight. The standard model is ideal for people of normal weight. However, the obesity model may be more suitable for people who are a little heavier than usual. If you need more help to sit or straighten, a shower chair is better. Again, there are different types of shower seats, including foldable, non-foldable, and wall-mounted. The foldable or wall-mounted variation is ideal for small rooms. It can be easily folded when not in use, so it requires less storage space.

Folding Shower Seats


The design is also a decisive factor in choosing the right variant. Some variants have a non-tilted (or upright) back support, while others have a slanted back support. As a rule of thumb, the “fixed or non-tilted” option is ideal for those who do not need much help to take a shower and can keep their back upright for extended periods of time. If you need help with showering or bathing, tilt variations may be more suitable. Such tilt back variants are generally suitable for locations such as hospitals and care centres.


Your purpose also determines your choice. If you are looking for a bathing shower shairs aid that will also help you use the toilet, a shower toilet chair with two functions is ideal. The additional features of the toilet bowl eliminate the need for individual people with movement disorders to enter the toilet bowl.  If you don’t need additional toilet functionality, you can opt for a standard shower chair.


The selected variation of seats should ideally be non-slip, water repellent and durable. You can also pick it up with an upholstered Easy-Care Sheet. In many variations, the sheet has drain holes to prevent water from collecting and speed up drying.

 If you have skin problems or are prone to pressure ulcers, we recommend a variation with an upholstered chair. In other cases, it also works with unpadded or contoured sheets.

Shower Seat Care Tips

 Purchasing the right variation may not be enough. Here are some maintenance tips you can follow to ensure that your investment isn’t wasted and your seat lasts longer:

 A harsh detergent to clean your chair Please avoid keeping the chair clean, wipe off any residue under the chair after each use.


 If any part shows signs of damage or rust, replace the part immediately. Generally, all shower sheets come with a rust prevention. However, it’s okay to double-check to confirm.


Hope you found the above article useful to choose the better bathroom accessories. You can also check out commercial soap dispensers and other accessories online.