Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
Painter Port Melbourne

The heart of every home especially the living room apart from the interior and aesthetic furniture is the spotlight-stealing accent wall. It is said that when you have the right accent wall in the house that stands out the guest would not even notice the prized possessions that you have placed in the living room. And why would they if they just cannot take their eyes off the beautiful accent wall? The artist that needs to be credited is the skilled and experienced painter in port Melbourne.

Here is how you would end up getting the right accent wall for your home with the help of Painter Yarraville for your living room.

Painter Port Melbourne· Start With Choosing The Right Wall

When choosing an accent wall, think about what you want to achieve. An accent wall, especially one with texture, can add interest to a room that lacks architectural features. A wall of windows can also serve as an accent wall, but keep in mind that a dark accent colour around windows will create a brilliant light impact, which will overwhelm the space.

· May Be You Don’t Need A Wall For Accent Wall!

Consider how you could use an accent wall in other ways. Have you thought about the ceiling? Adding colour to the ceiling is a design trend that can be used as an accent wall. Soft or even bright colours can be used to create accent ceilings. White crown molding offers a sophisticated impression by separating the wall colour from the ceiling.

· Do Not Restrict To Try Out Eye-Popping Colours

An accent wall is a popular design choice because it allows homeowners to express themselves via colour and creativity. You have an almost limitless number of paint selections to pick from. It’s critical to choose the proper colour and hire a skilled painter. Your home is one-of-a-kind, and so should your accent wall.

Painter WilliamstownConsider the colour scheme of all the walls in the house. The majority of accent walls appear best when they are adjacent to light to medium-coloured walls. On the other walls, use neutral wall colours to balance off your bold accent wall colour. Your neutral walls can be grey, or beige, depending on how well they complement your accent colour. If you do decide to accent a wall in a white space, choose mid-tone accent colours to soften the contrast.

· Wall Papers Aren’t That Bad

For accent walls, wallpaper is a stunning option. The most recent temporary wallpapers can give you a stylish style without committing to anything long-term. For a trendy look, go for wallpaper with lovely designs and colours. Temporary wallpaper is a great method for renters to personalize their space.

Along with these normal criteria to consider, you can let the Painter Williamstown know whatever your heart or mind says as, after all, your home must reflect your style and personality. In fact, the accent walls with personal touch seem to attract more attention than the strategically created and designed accent walls.