Thu. May 30th, 2024
Towbar Installation Dandenong

If you’re going to tow a trailer with your vehicle, it’s important that both the vehicle and the trailer are ready for the trip. 

The following checklist will help ensure that everything is in place before you set out on a long trip:

If the trailer has brakes, make sure they are in good working order before towing it.

  • Check the brake light on your tow bar. If it is not lit up, turn on your ignition and press down on the pedal until the light comes on. If this doesn’t work, try connecting a battery charger to your tow ball and allow it to charge for a while before attempting again.
  • Take note of how much pressure you need to apply in order for the trailer’s brakes to engage properly. Ideally, you should be able to apply 10-15 lbs of pressure without causing any damage or noise from pulling against them too hard (this varies between different trailers).
  •  If this number seems excessive or if there is any sign that something isn’t right with them (e.g., grinding noises), have them checked by someone qualified before continuing further down this guide!

Pay attention to wind conditions when towing a trailer.

When towing Service a trailer, it is always advisable to tow in the wind direction. This can be determined by observing where dust and other debris are blowing. 

If you are travelling away from this direction, you should stop and ensure that your vehicle is not being pushed back by the wind (this can be done by checking for sand or dirt on the rear window).


If strong winds are present:

  • reduce the speed of your driving vehicle
  • reduce the speed of your trailer if necessary
  • if possible, reduce both vehicles’ speeds

Don’t tow with a damaged hitch or broken pin.

When you tow a vehicle, the hitch is constantly being stressed by the weight of the trailer. Even if your trailer only weighs a few hundred pounds, after hours of driving you could be putting thousands of pounds of force on your hitch. This damage can cause severe accidents if it isn’t checked regularly.

Take a moment to check your towbar and ensure that it is not damaged or broken at all times. If it does need replacing, ensure that you replace it with an identical replacement part to avoid any issues with safety later on in life when travelling  with your new vehicle.


With these tips in mind, you can be sure to have the safest experience possible when towing your trailer. We hope you find this guide helpful for your Towbar Installation Dandenong. Feel free to comment your ideas in the comment box.