Mon. May 20th, 2024
bathroom handrail

Are you having elderly persons in your home? Are you feeling worried about their safety, especially in bathrooms? If yes, then it is high time to go with the installation of anti ligature fixtures. Such great inclusions will not only ensure their safety but also enhance the aesthetic look of the room.

What are Anti Ligature Fixtures?

The anti ligature fixtures imply bathroom grab rails that are great inclusions in bathrooms, especially. Simply buying and installing them randomly will not do. It is very much essential to make out the right place to fix them. That is why; it is preferable to hire top professionals dealing in the installation of these fixtures.

Wet surfaces make bathrooms a bit risky for people belonging to almost every age group. Some people commit the blunder of seeming reluctant in fitting essential fixtures. But they forget that the long-term outcome may be disastrous. If you are suffering from a high reduction in terms of strength, low sightedness, poor balance or dizziness; then going with the installation of bathroom grab rails will be the best decision.

Saftey Rails

What are Some Remarkable Benefits in Association with Bathroom Grab Rails?

After having a basic insight into the functionality of bathroom grab rails, you must be wondering about some benefits that are associated with the same. Below are some exclusive and highly remarkable benefits that make the installation of these fixtures among superb choices:

  • They help in reducing the risk of falling, thus improving safety standards
  • The bathroom handrail takes the pressure off your joints and other painful areas of the body
  • Provides extra support along with stability and confidence at the time of moving to-and-fro the bathroom post-shower
  • Peace of mind is ensured as you will be able to prevent yourself from falling down

The list is unending!

What are the Various Positioning of Placing of Grab Rails in Your Bathroom?

Are you wondering about the various positioning of grab rails and bathroom handrail in the bathroom? Below are some exclusive options that have been provided by top installers from where you may go with the one that suits you:

  • Vertical position – Vertical positioning of bathroom grab rails is perfect for people that prefer standing while showering. Also, it will let them enjoy their seating while showering. Ideal for a wet room!
  • Horizontal position – Horizontal positioning of anti ligature including fixed rail above the rim of the bath will be another appreciable installation in the bathroom. It will help in meeting almost all your bathing needs, thus letting you enjoy your bath session.
  • Diagonal position – People suffering from weakness in their wrists will benefit from the diagonal positioning of bathroom grab rails. Such a great positioning will give rest to your forearms, thus providing extra support. Also, you may go with grab rails comprising of certain angles.

These are some of the exclusive benefits of installing anti ligature structures in your bathroom. They will not only enhance the look of your bathroom but also let you enjoy a safe bathing session.