Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
shariah adviser

Training Islamic Investment shariah advisers are those who are responsible for guiding the Muslim community into investments that will help them achieve their returns and fulfil their financial goals, while also exceeding the humanitarian objectives.

What is sharia?

Sharia is an Islamic law that governs Muslims today. Sharia means “to follow the truth” or “path to follow.” Muslims believe that their holy law is what makes them different from other civil laws in the world. Many Muslims use sharia law for guidance. Investors who invest in assets such as real estate, stocks, and commodities are also governed under sharia law.

Overview of practice around investing in the Islamic economy

To start, Islamic financial institutions make investments on the spot in stocks and bonds. As a result, investors sometimes put their faith solely in these investments also known as “financial instruments” which are agreed upon by banks, industries and governments to help facilitate transactions. Islamic investment advisers are banned from certain practices such as gambling, transaction fees for’, commission for introducing new shareholders etc.

How to design training for Muslim wealth managers?

Muslim wealth managers have many questions about the American stock market and Islamic finance. This is why it is essential to create training methods to help them learn more about investing. Most Muslim investees find it difficult to visualize how Islam plays into their investment choices, so this lesson will take a completely new approach. We will be breaking the stock market down into analyzes and adding Islamic faith principles to assist with making rational decisions. Shariah’s adviser will also reveal many tips that can help Islamic wealth managers save a substantial amount of money.

How to reach the Muslim market?

For years banks have tormented Muslim investors because they lack resources to reach out within the community and it has left many Muslims feeling completely alienated. When you are in need of a bank, anything is better than none at all and financial prejudices must be prevented if we want our young people to become financially literate and happy members of society.

Psychologically, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that people are better judges of actors and situations based on intuition and gut sense. There can be a cognitive dissonance from people when they receive information from studies and return to their own intuitions as if contradicting research.

Islamic investments are becoming increasingly important for the future. The problem is that investors are expected to purchase a new set of skills, including financial education and training. One option is the Muslim Advisor resource centre that offers free online training content on topics such as Investment Planning, Islamic Finance and Treasury Transactions.


The Islamic market has recently started expanding as more products are being offered at almost halal including different certifications. A public speaker is an investment professional shariah adviser who can provide advice on how to invest in such a market, or in this case sell halal products to Muslims. As the Islamic market expands, so does the need for more and more talent which is made up mostly of men.