Mon. May 20th, 2024

If you’re looking to add some new flooring to your house or any other real estate, oak parquet flooring may be the one for you. According to your requirement, Oak parquet flooring consists of oak pieces arranged in various patterns or styles. There are also several types of oak parquet flooring, like solid oak, engineered oak, etc. Oak parquet gives your floor a very shiny and appealing finish that will leave all of your guests admiring it. Its durability, appearance, and easy installation make it one of the most popular floorings used in houses, offices, restaurants, etc.

Different types of Oak Parquet flooring

Oak parquet flooring comes in various types, each using a different variety of woods. Solid oak parquet flooring and engineered oak parquet flooring are two of the most famous types. Only solid oak pieces are used to contrast the flooring in the first one. It gives it a whole look, and the wood is easily sourced. In engineered oak parquet flooring, multiple types of wood are combined to make the wooden tiles for the flooring. This type of wood piece is used more in areas that require heating or more moisture. It’s also suitable for rooms with water use, like bathrooms. The combination of different types of wood makes it very durable and strong, with very little chance of weariness over the years.

Installation process

Installation of parquet flooring tiles is usually done by the tongue and groove method and the click method. In the tongue and groove method, glue, nails, and adhesives are used to set the tiles upon the floor. It’s an easy method and takes a short time to install. In the click method, the tiles are already shaped and fit together like a jigsaw puzzle on the floor. The thickness and shapes of the tiles can all be customised according to your floor.

Why should you opt for oak parquet flooring?

Oak parquet flooring is one of the best flooring options because of the vast number of benefits it provides. Its design is always in style and gives a timeless and elegant look. The parquet style goes with any colour or style theme well. The engineered oak parquetry is suitable for all situations, especially humid places. This style of flooring is easy to install and does not show signs of weariness even after heavy use. It’s very easy to maintain and requires you to remove any accumulated dust and use water as a cleaner. There are many customisable options, from colour, texture, size, kind of wood used, etc. It’s also a very affordable option as the price depends upon various factors, such as the kind of wood used, the different shades you want, the size and thickness of tiles, etc.

Oak parquet flooring is easily available nearby, wherever you are located. In Sydney, there are many outlets providing parquet flooring, and once you opt for it, you’ll never be able to look at anything else.