Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
Office Pod Buying Guide - Rules Of Thumb For Choosing!

It’s easy to assume that the right choice for Best Office Pods is just a matter of personal preference. But there are actually some key factors to consider when planning your workspace, so let’s take a look at what they are:

Your work pod’s purpose

A pod is a type of office space that emphasizes open collaboration and flexibility. They’re typically used by large companies to streamline workflows, but you can get them for your home office as well!

A pod consists of an enclosed area with two or three walls, which serves as the main workspace. This means that the back wall contains an array of cubicles (or pods), while the front contains tables and chairs where employees can collaborate more informally. 

In contrast with traditional workplaces where each employee has their own desk or cubicle, working in this kind of environment fosters communication among coworkers who may not even be working on the same project at all times.

Your work pod's purpose


Accessibility is a huge consideration when you’re choosing an office pod. If the pods are going to be used by people who use wheelchairs, they’ll need to be wheelchair accessible. Similarly, if someone with disabilities uses your workspace, then the pods should be accessible for them as well.

You may also want to consider whether or not the pods will work well for blind or visually impaired employees. Blind individuals can use technology like screen readers that scan text on a computer screen and speak it aloud so they can follow along with what’s being said on that particular computer at any given time. 

Deciding where to put your pods

The first step in deciding where to put your pods is to consider the layout of your building. You’ll want pods that are easy to get to so you have time for naps while walking from one pod to another.

You’ll also want pods that are easily accessible for cleaning purposes—if you’re going to work there, it’s best if they’re clean!

Another important factor is noise levels: you don’t want people knocking into your pods or disturbing them as they walk past, nor do you want them listening in on what’s happening inside.

This means putting them somewhere quiet and preferably away from other workers’ offices (unless those workers are asleep). If possible, try finding an area with no direct sunlight; this will make it easier on everyone’s eyes during their naps.

How many spaces are required?

The number of spaces required depends on a few factors, including the number of employees and the size of each pod. 

If you’re using offices as meeting rooms, it’s important to remember that most people don’t like being alone in their own workspace. This can lead to high turnover rates and low morale overall—but if everyone has their own space right next door? Suddenly everyone is happy!


So, what do you think? Are you ready to go ahead and get some Best Office Pods for your workplace? We hope that the information we’ve given you has been helpful in making this decision.