Thu. May 30th, 2024
Best Skin Care Products for Men

Do men and women have the same skin type? Do men and women skincare products are the same? Can your face moisturizer be used on the entire body? These are the most common questions and the myths that we have been considering for years.

So are these myths true? You will discover the reality behind the best skincare products for men right now.

Let’s find out!

Best Skin Care For Men

Myth #1: Men & women have different skin

Professionals say that men have thicker skin than women because of the testosterone and more likely to produce oil after hitting puberty and this lead man to have acne issues for a longer time.

Great news! Men also have collagen helping them to stay younger for a long time than women. Jealous?

Myth #2: Same necessities & different priorities

Both genders have the same skin. Confused?

Well, men need the same products as that of women such as moisturizer, even skin tone, and sunscreen. But the products differ when there’s an urge to address a specific type of skin issue.

Like, a man’s skin produces high tallow on the masculine skin during menopause when the hormones are low and testosterone is high. This leads to various skin issues that should be addressed by a specific product.

However, there are many unisex products such as body butter or lotion, which can be used by any skin type of a man or woman.

Myth #3: Both Genders have the Same Products

We just discussed it above, but let’s discuss it gain – no products are different as per the gender but per the skin issues. Men and women products may differ in the formula as well, which makes them suitable for a specific gender. Also, skin products during the teenage are different from those of your 20’s. Therefore, sticking to your childhood products will not benefit your skin in any means.

Myth #4: One Product for the whole body

Guys, the world knows that you use the same product all over your body, but it’s high time you stop doing that!

You see, your face skin is thinner than your legs and arms. Also, your facial skin isn’t as strong as the rest of the body parts. Moreover, your face goes through UV rays and pollution. Therefore, require special products. If you will use the same products everywhere, you will finally end-up getting wrinkles and acne.

Therefore, it’s better to separate your body skincare form your face skincare. Start using different moisturizer and sunscreen for your skin and you will see the difference for yourself.

Best Skin Care For MenMyth #5: Anti-ageing isn’t for men

Well, ageing depends on the lifestyle you choose. Plus, certain external factors such as what you eat, how much water you drink, or how much do you work out, are the one that decides when you will start ageing. If you have noticed crinkles in your mid-twenties, start using anti-ageing products from getting them any deeper.

Now the truth is clear, buy the Best Skin Care Products for Men today!