Wed. May 22nd, 2024
4 Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Used Car

If you are planning to purchase a used car, then your primary source of getting good deals is through dealers in Cardiff. The ideal part of buying a quality used car from a Car Dealers Cardiff offers a substantial range of options.

One thing you need to consider is that you buy a used car from a registered dealer rather than a private dealer. The most challenging decision is to choose a trustworthy dealer.

Not every car dealer can be perfect, and here are some essential factors that can help you determine the authenticity of the chosen car dealer.


The reputation of the used car dealers Cardiff offers is a significant factor while making a deal. You can get a reputable dealer quickly by checking the local business bureau for trust reports.

These reports will help you in figuring out some reliable dealers. You can also approach your friends or colleagues with prior experience in purchasing a used car to make appropriate suggestions. 


If you are under the impression that the amount disclosed to you is the vehicle’s asking price, then my friend, you are mistaken.

Generally, the private dealers add in the rate of car accessories, interior accessories and other such things without informing you. They may even convince you to purchase the said accessories.

So, always be careful while checking the price and make a knowledgeable decision about whether the add-ons benefit you.

  • 4 Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Used CarTHE AFTER-SALES SERVICES OFFERED BY THE DEALER

Always ask about the after-sales services the dealer offers before making the purchase. You need a dealer that is thorough in his services to make your purchase worthwhile. The services include:

Maintenance service – Confirm that your chosen dealer offers free maintenance service and that the duration of the complimentary maintenance service is specified

Service rates – You should always ask about the various service rates as they differ as per the location and car model.

Warranty – Many dealers offer extended warranty periods when you purchase used cars or services from them. So, it is always a plus point to know about the warranty offered by your chosen dealer.


This is a sticky area as many car dealers add hidden fees and costs for various reasons. The most common is the Dealer Prep Fee which gets added to every car, whether new or used.

So, while buying the car, be sure to address any such hidden fees and determine whether you agree with it or not. Being inquisitive can help you save a lot of bucks and make you a wise buyer.


In the end, all we would like to share through our blog is always keep your eyes and mind open while approaching car dealers Cardiff-wide for buying used cars. Being cautious about the above factors can let you have a better experience.