Mon. May 27th, 2024

Forgot where the keys are? Locked out of your own house again? Happens to the best of us! With the fast pacing lives and careers in Clayton and whatnot, most of us are amongst the majority who keeps on forgetting little things. If you have not set a reminder to something, you’ll forget it. That’s like, not even a probability, it’s as certain as the sun rising the next day in most of our cases. Especially, small things that have a habit of getting lost more often than not. Then it’s a whole hassle to contact some emergency locksmiths in Clayton and get them to get you in and make a different set of keys. EXtra money and effort with a pinch of inconvenience. Here listed are a few things that you can do to make sure this does not happen. 

Hand over a spare key to a neighbour or friend

In case you are often travelling and often lose your house keys somewhere on the route or somehow you manage to get locked out of your own house. It is obvious and convenient to make a few spare set of keys and hand it over to someone trusted and accessible. Nearer is better. It helps when you have something urgent on hand and need keys at the earliest or even if you get locked out at night time. There may or may not be professional help available at the same time, say it’s Christmas and you locked yourself out, there is no available locksmith in Bentleigh. A spare with a neighbour comes in handy at such times and it’s cost-effective.  

Have an extra key in the car

A spare set of keys is like an insurance policy or emergency fund, used in times of need. So make a few sets altogether and divide the sets amongst different places. One of them, you can keep in your car in the armrest or some secure place where it is safe and accessible easily. 

Hide a key in a safe lockbox

You can keep one such set of keys in a safe and secure lockbox. It’s always better that way than keep it under the doormat or any such usual places. It’s less risk of someone breaking and entering your house or even theft. Also, if you hide your keys at such a place, you’ll probably need an emergency locksmith in Clayton always on speed dial and yet you may have someone invade your home. 

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Change to a keyless doorknob

The smartest way to secure yourself is taking the advantage of technology and changing from conventional doorknobs to keyless doorknobs. This can make your life easy, quite literally!

Change to smart locks

Technology has so much to offer and a solution to your keys getting lost often is certainly one of them. Change to smart locks that don’t require keys and can be unlocked with passcode or biometrics. That makes it easy to secure your house while avoiding the fuss about keys. 

Over and above this, you can always keep an Emergency Locksmith in Clayton on speed dial. You can also look into your neighbourhood say, Bentleigh and find a locksmith in Bentleigh to get your locks/doorknobs changed to smart and keyless options.