Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
Plumber hoppers crossing

Your pipes can often become clogged very quickly, but there are also other things you can be doing to stop this from happening too often. Find out how you could lower the strain on your drains and the environment by cutting down on some of these eco-friendly habits. Hiring Plumber hoppers crossing company can help to find the clogging issues.

  • Types of clogged drains

One way to save water when your drains clog up is to avoid using any liquid that is not natural and safe for drinking. This saves a lot of water since we use tons of it making food, cleaning the house, bathing, and other things. You can also try some common eco-friendly methods like raking the leaves near your home this fall or unclogging the sink by pouring room temperature water in while the faucet is running.

Drains that are clogged, unable to keep water flowing out of them and into the sewer system are a common problem. This can be due to grease, hair, or other foreign objects getting stuck in the drain. These causes can also result from defective pipes. For most convenience stores and restaurant establishments, this is a huge problem, delaying their dining hours and causing heavy costs.

  • Causes of blocked drains

No one likes clogged drains, but they’re an inevitable part of the everyday routine. Even outside of school drop-off and pick-up hours, your clog-age may not wait for you to get back home to get fixed. The causes could range from a partially blocked drain that has hardened over time that needs to be broken down, or a more serious issue like tree roots or sewer pipes outside the house that need oil removal. If you need some help understanding what’s causing your drainage troubles, Keep on reading the blog till the end to know about eco-friendly methods.

Plumber hoppers crossing

  • Eco-friendly methods to unclog sewer pipes

There are many small ways that everyone can help save the environment by making eco-friendly changes in their home. These methods include using compost as fertilizer, using cutting boards/knives only once, and replacing conventional plumbing fixtures with water-efficient fixtures. You should also use biodegradable soaps and toiletries along with reusable containers for storing food items. Lastly, think about purchasing recycled goods and buying zero waste/recycled products.

One thing that so many people do without even thinking twice is put their trash can next to the drain in their toilet. Over time, this can clog up the drain pipe and make the area inside smelly and unsanitary. Here’s how you can unclog your drain pipes with eco-friendly methods:

1) Determine what type of material is clogging your drain pipes

2) Gather materials you need from outside

3) If a simple method doesn’t work like pouring boiling water or baking soda, pour boiling hot liquid detergent at least 1/2″ deep into the affected area.

4) Pour baking soda over it to try to break the blockage 5) If nothing has worked in 6 months, consider having a professional take another look


Although many people prefer using natural remedies for blocked drains hoppers crossing, there are some that are safe and can also be utilized to a certain degree. One of the most common methods is rice flour, as it creates a blockage-drying surface that stops the flow of water. If more than just a few drops accumulate on the pipes, dissolve 1 tablespoon of salt in 4 cups of boiling water before pouring it down the drain, then seal with parchment paper or cloth.