Sun. May 26th, 2024
concierge car wash Christchurch

Nothing will ramp up the value of your car like a mere valet looking after it. Not just to worry about getting a car washed and waxed, but concierge car wash Christchurch takes care of all these extra services for you. To learn more, check out the five advantageous features of an electric machine that a traditional wash cannot match – and use them to your great advantage!

Ways car washes affect the value of your vehicle.

The wear and tear on a vehicle can be increased after purchasing a new car. It is necessary to purchase regular car washes so that your vehicle will stay in its best condition. Some cars may just leave swirls and streaks, while others may damage the paint in different areas of the car. However, cars washes will not affect the price value of your car as much as other types of car services.

What is a concierge car wash?

Concierge car wash Christchurch don’t just wash your vehicle; they give it the appropriate de-icing agents to remove snow, they vacuum out any stray particles in the engine icing, and much more.

Top 3 reasons to use a concierge car wash

There are many reasons to use a concierge car wash. The three biggest are value, convenience, and quality of service. Depending on your personal preference, you might want to go with a chemical bath or power washed.

How much does it cost?

Car washes cost anywhere from $14 to $36 per wash. For the price, you can expect a basic car wash of your vehicle. For a more thorough car wash, check for deals through websites such as Carbuyer and Lumsden-Marmor’s Turn & Wipe Service. This service is more expensive, but it will save time because the car isn’t being washed on the ground or using water-based chemicals that may make your paint peel or bleed if they get into the crevices of your vehicle.

People have always been concerned about the value of their cars. One way to ensure the car retains its worth is through a car wash. Reputed car wash companies can make people’s cars sparkle while they are in the garage. With an experienced staff, they can offer amazing detailing services and vehicle getaway options to their customers.


Taking the time out of your day to enjoy a professional car wash is an amazing time saver in itself. The amount of money saved from one month’s worth of car washes can be used for other necessities such as improving your credit score, stocking up on food and supplies or getting that much-anticipated vacation.