Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

If you’ve ever worked in an open office, you know what a distraction it can be. There are just too many people around, and it’s hard to focus on your work. Plus, the more noise there is in an office, the less productive workers tend to be overall. So why do companies use open office design Melbourne at all?

Well for one thing: they’re cheap! But not only that—they also help foster a sense of community among employees working together towards a common goal. That said, here are some of the biggest problems with open office plans (and how they can be fixed).

Open offices are often noisy

You might think that open office design Melbourne is a great way to foster collaboration, but what about when there are too many people in the room? This can make it difficult for employees to concentrate on their work and get things done efficiently.

Noise can be distracting and even annoying. If an employee is trying to concentrate on something important, having someone else make noise nearby will only distract them from what they need to be doing.

Also, people who are working hard may be able to hear the conversations of others around them—and those conversations may not always be appropriate or respectful towards the work environment or other workers at the company.

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Open offices cut down on privacy

In open offices, conversations are often a bit more public than they might otherwise be. There’s less of a chance that you will be able to talk privately with others, and more of a chance that others around you can hear what you’re saying.

This can be particularly problematic if your workplace isn’t very diverse. If you have colleagues who don’t share your cultural background or religious beliefs, then having conversations with them may lead to cultural differences or misunderstandings. Those disagreements might not happen in an office with closed doors if people felt more comfortable keeping their distance from one another.

Open offices also tend to create an atmosphere where personal information is shared more freely than it would be in other kinds of work environments—this means that customers who visit the office got wind of some things they wouldn’t normally learn about at other companies (like employee salaries).

Too many people can cause distraction

You’re not alone if you’ve found that open office design Melbourne is causing more distraction than they are solving. In fact, a study by Steelcase found that over half of employees at some of the top 500 companies have trouble focusing on open offices.


While open offices may have their benefits, they come with many downsides as well. There’s no doubt that the open office plan is becoming more and more common, but it should be used with caution so as not to disrupt productivity or create a negative work environment.