Sun. May 19th, 2024
mouthguards Melbourne

Mouthguards are one of the best ways to protect your teeth. They can help save you from injuries such as dental fractures and tooth displacement, which can lead to problems like chipping. 

You should always wear a Mouthguards Melbourne when playing sports that involve contact with other players or hard surfaces. Mouthguards are also required for some sports activities such as boxing, hockey, and lacrosse.

Protect Against Tooth Displacement

When you take part in a sport, it is important to be aware of the risks you face. One of the most common injuries that can occur while playing sports is a dental injury caused by a blow to your mouth or jaw.

 If this happens during play, your teeth may be displaced or removed from their normal position. This may not only cause pain but also make eating difficult, affecting speech and disrupting your overall appearance. 

A mouthguard will protect against these types of injuries by absorbing some of the impact if they were to occur while playing your favourite sport or activity

Protect Against Tooth Fractures

mouthguards MelbourneA mouthguard is also a good way to protect against tooth fractures. If you have an accident while playing sports and fall hard onto your face, the impact can cause your teeth to break. 

While this may not be a serious injury in itself, it is important to get any broken teeth fixed right away so that they can be protected from further damage. This will help prevent them becoming loose or falling out completely.

Protect Against Knocked-Out Teeth

Another major benefit of mouthguards is that they protect against knocked-out teeth. Mouthguards are designed to absorb the impact of a blow to the face and help reduce the risk of serious injuries to the mouth and jaw, such as chipped teeth, broken teeth and fractured teeth. 

The American Dental Association (ADA) has also shown that people who wear a custom-fitted mouthguard have fewer concussions than those who don’t wear one during sports activities like football or hockey.


Mouthguards are important for both athletes and non-athletes alike. Whether you’re running around the gym or doing CrossFit, mouthguards can protect against injuries that could cost you time on the field or court. 

The best part of mouthguards Melbourne is that they don’t cost much either—and there’s no reason not to have one in your bag after reading this article! 

There are many different types of mouthguards to choose from, but the best one will fit your mouth correctly and comfortably. If you’re unsure which type is right for you, talk to your dentist about what they recommend.