Sat. May 25th, 2024

Online tutoring has been rising in popularity as an alternative to classroom learning, especially with millennials and their ever-changing expectations of the classroom setting. In fact, the online tutoring industry has grown by 16% since 2012, and it’s predicted to grow at 20% each year in the next decade. But what is it about online tutoring Melbourne that appeals to students? And what does the future of personalized learning look like? In this article, we’ll take a look at three major benefits of online tutoring as well as some of the biggest trends that will shape the industry moving forward…

  • The One-Size-Fits-All School System is No Longer Effective

In past generations, we had a one-size-fits-all school system that worked. Now, however, technology has made our world smaller and more connected. We live in a global economy, meaning our children compete with kids from around the world for jobs. Students need an education based on their needs to succeed in today’s world and tomorrow’s workforce.

  • Online Platforms Make Communication Easy

With online platforms, tutors and students can communicate and collaborate in real-time. This makes it easy to tailor content to a student’s level and learning style. Additionally, online platforms allow for easier tracking of progress, which means you can quickly identify any areas where your student might need more practice or support. The tools also make it easy to report a student’s progress to parents or school teachers. All of these benefits contribute to a better overall experience for both tutor and student.

  • Personalized Learning Takes the Pressure Off Schools

Because schools aren’t able to offer personalized instruction on a wide scale, students and parents often experience pressure when it comes to picking classes.

teacher teaching to student

When students don’t take one or two critical classes in high school, there are profound consequences down the road. Online tutoring in Melbourne offers a solution: Students can take control of their schedules, which takes stress off their teachers and parents. In addition, parents can choose from more than 20 tutors to find one who best suits their child’s needs.

  • Tutoring is Accessible, Convenient, and Easy to Use

It can be hard to make tutoring appointments because students don’t want to interrupt their class schedules, and scheduling around work hours is inconvenient for both teachers and students. This typically means a long waiting list for lessons, which leads to a drop-off in interest over time.


Online tutoring is on-trend. Teachers are shifting their focus from one-size-fits-all to more personalized education and a more collaborative classroom experience. While that’s exciting for students, it also means that schools need more support in professional development and educational management. That’s where online tutors come in. Virtual educators allow teachers to receive help with math homework or English grammar lessons without leaving their classrooms or interrupting class time, saving money on transportation costs and providing better learning experiences for all students.