Thu. May 30th, 2024
Pediatric Occupational Therapy

There can be nothing as beautiful in the world as seeing your own child grow. Each phase of your baby’s growth is captivating, be it about his giggle, crawl, smile, mumble, or utter. Then, when you as a parent come to know that your child requires Speech Therapy Adelaide to grow normal?

Usually, kids start speaking their first word at the age of 10 to 14 months. But, if your kid couldn’t show signs of speaking anything like a normal kid like “ma-ma”, “pa-pa”, it is a signal to approach Kids Occupational Therapy Adelaide for betterment.

No doubt, as a parent you would be finding the situation no less than a pain.

In such conditions, all you can do is consult for speech therapy so that your kid starts speaking and improving his speech.

Most of the parents can’t accept in the start that their kid faces problems in uttering words. Generally, a kid starts speaking 2-3 words after 15 months and then speaks long sentences.

Once he enters into the toddler phase, it can be easily determined that there is some problem with his speech and you have to seek professional guidance and choose a speech therapy plan to help him to cope up with the generation.

How could you get an idea if your toddler needs speech therapy?

Normally, children start learning so much in their starting period of time. After a few months, they start learning how to walk, talk and engage with everyone around them. Most of the things that they learn come with time and age.

Basically, babies learn to crawl between 6 to 10 months and start using walkers by around 15 months.

The same duration it takes for speech. Your child starts speaking his first word at the age of 1 year. And, he will start speaking more than 20 words after completing 18 months. If you find your child active during this duration, then you need not worry.

It is possible that your child could be slow in learning language skills and avoid socializing much but it is still not a problem.

But, he continually avoids engagements with people and feels it hard to utter anything even after 20 months, it is a sign that you should seek help. There are many centres that offer speech therapy, so you can enrol with them to cure your child.

Although, every child has their own duration to learn language and speech. Here are a few red signals that can help you sense something not well with your child’s speech.

  • If your child barely speaks 10 words at 18 months and less than 50 words after crossing 2 years.
  • If your child uses a few sounds to pronounce certain words.
  • If your child has trouble understanding simple language or sentences even after 2 years of age.


End up,

Do not worry much because Speech Pathology Adelaide can help your toddler to start speaking and engaging with the world smartly. Start finding the best therapy centre.