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Tixstar Wine Tours

Australia is famous for its beautiful hills and oldest wine. If we talk about the Adelaide, then it’s known for wonderful wineries like Mclaren Vale, Tixstar Adelaide hills Wine ToursBarossa Valley tour, Clare valley & Langhorne tour. Whenever you plan this tour, then you can get some beautiful memory and lots of fun.

Tixstar Wine ToursIn Adelaide Hills Wineries tour, you can enjoy exquisite wines which are made by South Australia and enjoy the hill view (Made in spare time!!!) which so beautiful and having freshness in nature.

Here we provide some useful information about the Tixstar Wine tour so that you can plan your tour perfectly and enjoy the entire tour.

  • Location:

It is located in the east of Adelaide city centre. Adelaide hills cover 70km region, and it’s on the way of Mount Lofty Ranges. Mount banker is the closest wine region from the centre of the city so you can travel by car.

  • Information About Region:

Adelaide Hills is different from other wineries because of its cool and pleasing climate. According to geography state, Adelaide hill is 600 to 650 meter above from the sea level. These all condition helps that region to develop a different type of wine taste which taste is liked by many people.

As per count, on your entire tour, you have to visit 50 cellar shops for a taste of wine. If we select one the best from them, then you can find shops are Shaw& smith, Hahndorf hill and birds hand. You can also go to another attractive place when you are nearby at that place.

  • Hop On Hop Off Wine Tour

In your entire tour, you should take ride hop on hop off bus, which gives you flexibility and comfort on your whole tour. Bus’s pick up point is the centre of the city, and it shows you 8 to 10 winery. In your bus’s ride, you can see entire Adelaide Hills Wine Tours and its famous places.

  • Food Tasting Tour

Do you what is the best part of the wine tasting tour? That is the taste of chocolate and cheese. Whenever you are travelling on tour, you can take a taste of various chocolate and cheese from the different produces. Main Street of Hahndorf is very famous for its delicious foods and wines so that you can once visit this street on your wine tour. Don’t forget to visit at least two wineries on your entire tour so that you can enjoy nature with full excitement.

Ready for Adelaide Hills Wine Tour!!!

Tixstar Wine ToursHopefully, this guide will help you to know about the Adelaide winery tour and how to reach plan it. If you want to book your tickets, then you can visit Tixstar and make your tour hassle-free.